40+ AngularJS, Ruby on Rails
and Python/Django developers for your project at any stage


Individual developers with Upper middle level and higher from $22/hour. The best way to instantly expand your team.

For 30 hours a week, a programmer is focused on your project, and 10 hours are dedicated to the programmer's learning and development. Our programmers constantly improve their skills, participate in industrial conferences, meetups and seminars, and hackathons.

We always have the developers in reserve. In case of unforseen sircumstances or illness, we immediately introduce a new, same-level programmer, to the work. 

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Project on a turnkey basis

Choose us for your project. You have the task, but no competency? You have a startup and you need a tem for MVP creation?

Great news! We will analyse the task, your business, your clients thoroughly; accomplish full-cylce work, including making a detailed technical requirements document, architecture construction for application,description of user scenarios, prototyping, user interface design, prgramming, testing, debugging, production website launch and further support and developement of the project. Let us take it upon ourselves. Explain the task in any way that suits you: we will ask some questions and start solving your problem right from the beginning of our communication.

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Our competencies

We are proud of our experience and expertise in the variety of different industries, types of business and spheres of people’s life. We attempt to thoroughly examine all the processes, specificities, and the rules of every field, in which we are lucky to work. We are more than happy to share our expertise in industries we are familiar with, and even more eager to explore new scope to gain more experience.

Bookmaker portals, mass integrated ratios calculation based on retrospective statistical analysis, gaming applications for social networkings. A thorough understanding of bookmaker and gambling business.

Automated payment mechanisms, ground terminal networks, cash desks for acceptance of the bets. Integration of a vast number of gambling API.No need to explain the basics, we understand your needs from the first words spoken.
For 5 years we automate the work of auto business. At the head office level ...and dealership network.

We are sensible of sales managers, sales directors, CEOs, logisticians, and stockmen pain. We have spent thousands of hours studying auto business and issues related to every employee, every job position. Our products are used in hundreds of auto shows in Russia. Tens of thousands automobiles were serviced, sold and are monitoring everyday.

We are permanent participants of sectoral conferences. Our expertise in automatization of auto business is at your service.
We develop systems analogical to Fedena. These days our solutions successfully work in private schools of Singapore. A number of developers in our team have a strong expertise in the field of solutions for schools, universities, and colleges.

We have participated in several startups and active SAAS-business, services for HR. As well as a multi-purpose service for HR from different sectors, it is also a specialising service oriented on the Airports.

We do have a sufficient expertise in HR demands and management processes automation of human resources.


We automated an online loan payment including payment aggregators integration with the system of risk and credit history assessment. The systems of personnel cabinet, billing, credit calculators, SMS-reminders for credit market.

We possess extensive knowledge of microlending and we are more than happy to share with you our expertise.

We had our own Dating service for mobile devices, and we also have developed a dating web-portal for our client from Germany.


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Our clients

Igor Vulfovich


I believe to work for the customer and near the customer, with his real needs to become a part of his business processes - this is the only reason for existence the outsourcing team.


Fullstack JS/RoR/AngularJS/D3 architect. A member of Google developers group.


Senior Django developer

DevOps and troubleshooter. Python/Django engineer. Love complex systems and clean code.

My main goal - is a customer success and happiness.


System architect

I help businesses solve their issues concerned a custom software development.


Middle AngularJS/RoR developer
Trying to make this world better through AngularJS and Ruby On Rails. Qualified perfectionist and wizard of positive programming.


Middle UI developer
Trying to make this world better through AngularJS and Ruby On Rails. Qualified perfectionist and wizard of positive programming.


Middle AngularJS developer
Every day work in hackathon mode.


Senior C# developer
Religiously and scrupulously examine existing code. Tricky cases – is my speciality.


Frontend developer
Bodybuilder in the user interface world. No bad habits.


Frontend developer
Responsive and adaptive design guru. Mastering AngularJS.


AngularJS, D3, JS rockstar


Senior Android developer

Doctor of Computer Science degree


UI, AngularJS, JS, Jquery developer


Frontend developer
12 November 2016

Google Developers Group Conference

Our CTO Eugene on the Google Developers Group Conference. Speaking about Angular 2 in general, also about NativeScript, pros and cons and new features, about pain and hopes.


4 November 2016

OP2016 conference in Kyiv

WIS Software team was pleased to visit that amazing conference in Kiev. We was only company from Russia. Thousands of CEOs, Sales, project managers and etc. from across the world. Very interesting speakers and good networking. 


8 October 2016

TK conference

Some part of our team took part in the local conference about software development "TK Conference" Wanted to say thanks to organizers. Some number of the speakers and topics was really interesting.

3 July 2016

Startup Talks

We have relaunched the project #StartupTalks in the format of Founders Club, a private type communication among regional experts and novice entrepreneurs in the field of IT/Internet, big data, Internet related services and products.

The event is conducted with the support of The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF).

Organizer: Trofim Jugastrov (SEO in Elosoft, IT61 founder).

Limited access, complete the form to get invitation:

July 3 2016 the third meetup of a new cycle! 9 out of 10 startups fail. It happens when the team invests resources into solving the issue that does not exist; or decides to compete on a highly rival market; or its business model is not profitable. In those case the best cure – to consult experienced owners of the businesses that have a clear understanding of market insights.

You will have 5 minutes to present your project to regional experts, talk about your achievements and issues your are facing. They, in turn, will give you 10-minute feedback. Every project will receive individual recommendations: along with the experts we will formulate the hypotheses to help you enhance your product.

To whom it may be useful:

  • startup founders
  • website owners
  • business owners
  • internet marketers

How it works:

  • 5 minutes to present a short overview about your project, problem statement and questions to the mentors
  • 10 minutes to experts recommendations If the project caught mentors’ attention, they can help find investors, invest their own means, engage in the project development, or introduce the startup products into their selling channels.

How to participate: Entry by invitations, registration is required:

When it starts: Exact time will be stated in the invitation.

Please, fill out the form here:

22 April 2016

RND JS meetup

Our CTO Eugene presented a report dedicated to Angular 2 during the meetup about JS.

8 April 2016

Outsource People Conference 2016 Minsk

WIS participated in the largest sectoral conference in Eastern Europe dedicated to outsource-development software. We value communication with our colleagues. A number of solved cases, well-made insight, one of the biggest players on a custom development market – all of this has helped us boost our processes. As a result of the conference, we have brought several contracts, improved vision, and an endless motivation for further growth.

3 October 2015

Frontent meetup in Taganrog

Javascript meetup in Taganrog. Our CTO Eugene made a speech about AngularJS and how to don't do a spaghetti code.

24 March 2014

CodeTrip hackerhouse

A house in the mountains. 4 programmers. 1 aim. This is not a «Big Brother», this is a code-trip! An IT-related social experiment. Fundamentally new type of offsite co-working and hackathon hybrid – eco-working. Pack the bags and off to the mountainous Adygea: coding and relaxing, relaxing and coding. The goal: CRM for auto business within 30 days.

Our projects

Some of our work examples. For the most part - these are our own startups, or the startups of our colleagues and officemates in IT-incubator «Borsch», in which development we took part.

We would be very pleased to show you our software-based creations, mobile applications, web-portals, saas-services, CRM-systems, and many others that we have developed through the years, however, the majority of those works are under NDA. Nevertheless, please feel free to learn about our competencies in different fields and technologies.

We have favorite stack technologies where our expertise is strong, however, we always follow the «expediency and clients’ needs» principles. If in order to reach the client’s goals we have to learn a certain library, framework, or technology, we are more than happy to expand our knowledge and competency boundaries.

In fact, out HR can extend our staff members in a short time, form the team with project complexity of any level. Talk to us, write us, tell us about your project. We freely share our expertise, even if the project is not our format.


ONEBETT is an International betting operator with an extensive branch network. It is a high-loaded service with a complex multi-level Frontend-component. It provides a service for hundreds of thousands of players every day. Full development cycle: backend (Ruby on Rails) and Frontend (AngularJS).


BOODOOART is a new way of emotional communication between the nearest and dearest, who are separated with the distance. It is also an easy way to start new relationship with interesting people. BooDooArt is the application for iPad, you can use it as an instrument for drawing together as well as the social network for creative people.


Direct Editor is the software for the analysis and editing of Yandex.Direct (the Russian equivalent of contextual advertising Google Adwords). Direct Editor is a practical implementation of GoogleEditor for Yandex. The development environment is .Net


hopox is a service for a growth hacker, growth and marketers teamwork for testing hypotheses based on data. The core of hopox is an Agile board with hypotheses as tasks. The user sets ahead the metrics of success for each task. Then the result is analyzed by the service which uploads data from various third-party tools.


CRM Dealerpoint is a software environment for the automation of the information flows at the dealership. More than 200 dealerships successfully use CRM DealerPoint. It's an industrial standard for all of the official Ford, Chery and GM dealers in Russia.